KCMTV: How to Build the Music Department of Your Dreams!

Hi everyone, welcome to Episode 1 of KCMTV. I would like to thank you all for tuning in, and hope that life is not too hectic at this time. Before I begin with today’s episode, which is going to be all about you, I would like to remind you that you can view KCMTV either on the Klerrisa Custom Music Facebook Page or join the group KCMTV.

So now that the promotion is out of the way, onto today’s show.   I know most of you are probably engrossed in writing reports but I am hoping that this episode just might be the distraction that you might need. 

The month, I am going to discuss how to build the music department of your dreams!!!  That’s right. There is a music department of your dreams and you can build it. But you might need to think about a few things first. In this episode, I start with YOU!  Because let’s be realistic, the growth of your department starts with YOU, regardless of your position. So sit back, relax and listen in!

How to build the Music Department of your dreams!

That’s right. There is a music department of your dreams and you can build it. But you might need to think about a few things first. 

Does this story sound familiar?  You arrive at a new school. You hear all about a past music teacher who was just extraordinary. A legend to the students, a legend to the staff. Someone who was amazing at everything they did, who inspired students to get involved in the music ensembles, someone who wrote engaging lessons, who taught relevent topics, someone who was innovative with technology, thrifty and able to create magic out of a mole hill, blah blah blah. And then that teacher left. Along came another teacher, who surprise surprise, did not have the same skill set, the same personality, the same focus and the music department “died”  – according to the people at the school. I am sure you have all been in a school where “the music department was “run into the ground”. We’ve all heard it or possibly experienced it. 

The thing is, music teachers are all individuals. We all come to our classrooms with different skills sets, different abilities that engage our students, different personalities, different areas of focus that interest us and then there is the syllabus. We have to teach certain elements, perhaps certain topics, or even certain pieces. Then there is school overall plan. You might have to include in your programming literacy or numeracy strategies. You might have to include things like SOLE Questions, or Quality teaching. The list goes on and on. So what has all this got to do with building a music department of your dreams. Well let me tell you. The music department of your dreams begins with you. Doesn’t matter if you are by yourself, part of team or lead a team, the music department of your dreams begins with you. You need to understand somethings about you and the people who you work with in your department. And that is before you start talking about the children. 

Now a lot of experienced music teachers who have either built a successful music departments from scratch or expanded existing departments will possibly tell you it takes a lot of work and it will eat into your personal life.  Here’s the thing, anything good is going to take time and if you are not careful it will consume you. But this is the gold – it’s about your effective use of the time available to you. 

It all starts with YOU!

The first place to start is with you. If you are going to build your department you need to know about YOUR strengths and YOUR personality. Why on earth would you stand at a white board and write things down, if all you want to do it play. So find out about yourself. Then you can start to find out about the students you teach. 

There is a fantastic personality test called the Enneagram. (Full Disclosure: As a Truity affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.). This is not the 16 personalities but you can also find that information out on this site. 

The enneagram test is used by lot of businesses to help people to understand what their primary personality type is. According to the enneagram, there are 9 different personalities. Every person contains elements of these 9 different personalities but there is always one that will be the most prominent.  By taking the test, you will find out which one is your primary personality. You will find the link at kcmtv.com.au/series1. There is also a take away from today’s session. And I will be honest, you will just need to give me your email address to get it. I am running a business here and I can promise you that you won’t get all those funnel emails that other online businesses do. 

Anyway back to your personality. Each personality has different qualities and it can change depending on your level of health. Your Enneagram also has wings – the numbers either side of the Enneagram. I will go into these personality types in more detail in a later episode.

Your personality and your strengths combine to create what I am calling your “hitting zone”. This is where you are happiest and most productive. If you can spend much of your day in your “hitting Zone”, then life will be a lot more balanced. More about this in another podcast or KCMTV Show.

What are your Strengths? Take the test. (Full Disclosure: As a High 5 affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link)


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