TMT16: Contrast vs Unity vs Variety

This week’s podcast is just a little taste test of how to distinguish between Contrast, Variety and Unity. All three words are slightly different and students need to be trained in how best to manipulate the information that they might have. I have provided a supporting document that basically goes through some of the discussion points that you can use in your classes. I usually talk to the students about the difference between the three words from an english perspective and then of course from a musical perspective.

Next week I am going to expand on this and show you how you can ID specifics from a score or a recording, and create responses that are slightly different depending on the use of contrast, variety or unity. I will also talk a little more about “power sentences” – sentences full of rich terminology (as opposed to “waffle”)

Contrast vs Unity vs Variety


Klerrisa Custom Music creates innovative resources that engage my students

Kym Reithmuller

I have used Klerrisa’s resources for many years and have always found them to be highly beneficial as they work! You can open them up and start teaching knowing that they have been thoroughly prepared and tested in the classroom. Students respond well to them as they experience success and fun whilst learning. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Patrick Honyak - Fairfield High School

I highly recommend the resource material on the Klerrisa Custom Music website. Both Kerri and Lisa are excellent educationalists, presenters and musically talented professionals.

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